irvine pbx phone systems

Why We Exist:

This may surprise you, but what gets us out of bed in the morning isn’t blinking lights and SQL queries.  We want to help people.  We design networks, build phone systems, leverage our distributors and partnerships, and defend technology because people need it.  Without technology, it’s almost impossible to move information.  Without information, our customers can’t do the amazing things that they do.  We use technology to move information to help people.  The reason we get out of bed in the morning?  It’s you.  We hope it shows.

People always ask us why our name doesn’t sound like other technology service companies. We selected a bear to be our mascot because it symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit of California, because bears are friendly, strong, and intelligent, and because many of our competitors picked names that seem to be designed to intimidate you.  We wanted to go in a different direction. Work with us, and you’ll find it’s not just our name that stands out.